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IMPACT Speed Park introduces ASEAN’s first two-seater karts, targeting kids and couples

Miss Piyathida Thurachon, Director of Leisure & Entertainment of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., revealed that the company imported five two-seater karts by SodiKart, the world's leading manufacturer of high performance leisure karts, to enhance leisure karting experience at IMPACT Speed Park. So far IMPACT Speed Park is the first go kart facility in ASEAN to offer two-seater karts. The new karts are expected to help build a more diverse customer base and attract more visitors, especially families with young children who want their little ones to share in the family fun.

In addition, the new “2DRIVE” karts are ideal for couples and friends as they can experience the thrill of speed together. The karts are also perfect for corporate and team-building events. With the arrival of the two-seater karts, IMPACT Speed Park now provides even more diversity to its offering and truly lives up to its slogan “Now Everyone Can Enjoy Speed”.

“IMPACT Speed Park is setting the karting standards in ASEAN as we aim to offer visitors the best experience imaginable. These are the first two-seater karts in the region as we will keep refining IMPACT Speed Park to stay one big step ahead. We are very excited to introduce the 2DRIVE karts and kick 2018 off with a new product that will enhance and widen even further the user experience,” says Miss Piyathida.

The new 2DRIVE karts are equipped with two steering wheels, including the passenger steering wheel which can be activated or locked. This unique feature enables children to taste the real kart sensations. However, children must be 3 years old or older and accompanied by an adult. The karts are also perfect for race driving tuition.

“We believe these karts will tick all the boxes and be a popular option with all customer segments. They will be available for use every day of the year, as part of our kart fleet at IMPACT Speed Park,” Miss Piyathida added.

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